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Homeschool Forms and Guidelines

Minnesota state law requires that home educators register all compulsory-aged students (ages 7-17 as of October 1) each year. Registration for each school year is due to the school district by October 1; or, within 15 days of withdrawing from a public school.

First-time homeschool families (or after a gap of more than one year from the Centennial School District)

New homeschool families need to submit a homeschool registration form: Initial registration form (PDF template)

Returning homeschool families

Returning homeschool families need to submit a homeschool intent to continue form: Letter of intent (PDF template)

Report immunizations if they are not already on file with the school district or if not reporting conscientious objection:
Student Immunization Record (PDF).

Special Education Services Offered by Centennial School District 12

State and federal laws require every school district to locate and offer special education and related services to students, public and private who are eligible under the guidelines of the state. In Minnesota, homeschools are considered nonpublic schools.

For additional information on notifying the district and receiving related services, please click here.

Homeschool aid and reimbursement forms

If you plan to request reimbursement of valid expenses, a student report for aids form must be submitted each year by October 1: 

Student Report for Aids to Nonpublic Students 2023-24 (PDF)

NOTE: The Student Report for Aids form must be submitted as a hard copy. You may mail the form or give it to us in-person at the address listed below.

You may request reimbursement of valid expenses after January, using the request for payment form (if the student report for aids form above was submitted by October 1):