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group photo of Dave Bartholomay and the family of Mark Quinlan


Centennial Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Centennial Hall of Fame is to honor those alumni and individuals who have made a significant impact on Centennial Schools.

Nominations are now being accepted through June 1, 2021 for the 2021 Hall of Fame induction. 

Centennial Alumni Association

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CHS Class Reunions

Looking for reunion information? Planning a reunion? Let us know and we'll post your information.Contact the Centennial Alumni Association at and the Centennial School District at Click on "more" below to view information on upcoming reunion events.

Centennial Area Education Foundation

The Centennial Area Education Foundation (CAEF) raises funds to enhance the educational experience. Whether it is helping students attend a camp or a competition, sending a teacher to a training program, or funding scholarships to send Centennial students to college or vocational training, we believe we can help make our good schools even better. 

The Cougar became the mascot in 1995

Contacts for the class of:

2004 - Sarah Dennstedt,

2003 - Katrina Bartlett,

2001 - Ian Zuppan,

2000 - Jenny Anderson, and

1999 - Jesse L. Johnson,, Brandon Smith,, Stephanie (Schneider) Sutton,

1998 - Brian Michael Dowd, now Zekeiel Brian Dowd,, and Cameron Piper,

1996 - Bianca Ward,


The Chief was the mascot 1959-1995

Class of:

1995 - Matthew Miller,,
1994 - Tony Peltier,
1993 - Loren Baumagrt,
           Tom Stodola,
1992 - Beth Shackle,,
1990 - Bryan Albright,
           Renee (Brown) Gratz,
           Nicole Hovila,
1989 - Cynthia (Meyer) Eckart,
           Randy Wurm,
- Joseph VanHese,
           Michelle (Yurkew) Albers,
1987 - Keith Watton,
1986 - Chris (Pfleghaar) Korus,
           Michele (Kucera) Matthews,
           Neil Johnston,
1985 - Michelle K. Clos,
           Lisa (Hull) Ginn,
           Mark Hutter,
1984 - Brent L. Tilton,
           Diane (Schmitz) Ford,
1983 - Barbara Roth,
           Sharon (Holmes) Johnson,
1982 - Allen Rydberg,
1981 - Barry Brainard,
           Michelle (Johnson) Schrantz,
1980 - Karen (Redfield) Hartmann,
- Carmen (Rosario) Wilson,
1977 - Kim (Farah) Anderson,
           Mary (Blackowiak) Perkins,
           Wayne Powers, -
1976 - Julie Arrowood,
            Darlene (Ketchum) Benson,
            Dan LaForge,
            Michael Warner,
1976 - Patrick Rioux,
           Richard Horton, Homepage
           Judy (Byrne) Montain,
1974 - Pam (Wegscheider) Stevens,
1973 - Breck Ogren,
           Sandra Miller,
           Marilee (James) Vados,
1972 -
Linda (Kast) Bernin,
           Laurie Mohon,
           Darla (Derksen) Wellcome,
1970 - Tedd Mattke,
1968 -
Mark "Buzz" Bennett,
           Don Schrooten,
1967 - Arlinda (Swedell) & Tim Sindorf,
           Melody (Morris) Ausmus,
1966 - Jeff & Karen Marquardt,
           Gene & Mary Menne, Class of 1966,
1965 - Becky (Wahlin) Dahl,
           Greg Gamm,
           Sandy (Schrooten) Wahlquist,
1964 - Marshall Dahl,
           Paul Reinertson,
1963 - Geraldine (Gerry Freye) Pridgen,
           Rick Cartier, and
           Claudia Kline Rocklin,
1962 - Chris Neu,
1961 - Al Crawford,
           Vonnie (Klitzkie) Kreps,
           Bonnie (Pepple) Robinson,
           Roger King,

Chief head

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