Hall of Fame Inductees each holding their plaque and smiling at the camera

Centennial Hall of Fame

Purpose of the Centennial Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Centennial Hall of Fame is to honor those alumni and individuals who have made a significant impact on Centennial Schools.

Hall of Fame Nomination Categories

Distinguished Alumni: Honors alumni who have demonstrated outstanding professional accomplishments and/or who have used their education to impact society. Alumni must be out of school a minimum of 10 years to be considered.

Distinguished Service: Honors those individuals who have a longstanding history of service to the District. These individuals or organizations have provided services of time and commitment to education. Centennial employees nominated for Distinguished Service must have a minimum of a one-year separation from the District as a full-time employee to be considered.

How to Nominate
Nominate someone today! Nominations are now being accepted through May 1, 2022 for the 2022-2023 Hall of Fame induction. 
Complete the online nomination form.

Selection and Induction

The Selection Committee will meet to review nominations received and will select the Hall of Fame inductees.

2022 Hall of Fame

Inductees: Jill Becken, Elizabeth Eaton, Brian Hegseth, Jane McDonald, and Mark Mattson ('84)

2020 and 2021: Centennial Hall of Fame Induction Did Not Take Place due to Pandemic

Due to COVID-19, there was no induction into the Centennial Hall of Fame.

2019 Centennial Hall of Fame

Inductees: Mayor Dave Bartholomay and Mark Quinlan

2018 Centennial Hall of Fame

Inductees: Phyllis Hitchcock and Deb Kline

2017 Centennial Hall of Fame

Inductees: Mike Diggins, Glen Huebner, and Mike Watson

2016 Centennial Hall of Fame

Inductees: Dick Lasch, Duane Carlson, Michelle Kline, and Roger Crawford

2015 Centennial Hall of Fame

Inductees: Asha Blake, Tom Kaluza, Rosann Lorenz, and Craig Sturlaugson 

2014 Centennial Hall of Fame

Inductees: Robert McMorran, Ruth Roth, Lawrence Biehn and Tony Smeed

2013 Centennial Hall of Fame

Inductees; John McClellan, Dave Dahl and Charlie Kratsch