Pool Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the pool? The Centennial Community Pool is in Centennial High School's East building (door D13), one block north of North Road, east of the Centennial Sports Arena and east of the high school West building.

When are classes offered? Classes usually consist of eight lessons. Fall and winter/spring sessions are scheduled on week nights during the school year. The summer program typically offers week day, afternoon and evening sessions from mid-June until mid-August.

What class level do I choose for my children?  When registering your children for swim classes, please remember to do so based on their current skill level and their ability to be appropriately challenged.  We are seeing an increase in families registering children of varying ages in the same class level, regardless of the skill level of the child.  A class level too difficult or too easy will hinder the progress of the swimmer and possibly distract others in the class as well.  Your child will benefit most being in the appropriate class level, based on their ability.  We’re here to guide your swimmers to confidence and success.    

Are there showers and lockers available? There are showers and lockers available for program participants. To lock items in a locker, please bring your own lock. Valuable items should not be left in the locker rooms. Centennial is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Can parents observe swimming lessons? Parents may watch their child’s progress from the observation area above the pool. Parents aren’t allowed on the main pool deck which is restricted to class participants only.

Are there open swim times? There are open swim times scheduled each session. Pool capacity is 100 people. Participants are turned away when the pool is full. Open swim is for any interested participant.  
Patrons who are shorter than 53 inches, must swim with a responsible swimmer adult.  Patrons who are 53" tall or have passed Level 3 will be allowed to swim alone.  No child under age five, regardless of height or advanced skills, can attend open swim alone.

What are the fees for open swim? Open swim fees are $2/individual with a $5 maximum charge per family per visit. 

Can groups use the pool? Group reservations are arranged with the pool coordinator. Rates vary due to time, number of swimmers and activity. Call the pool at 763-792-5240, leave your name and number, and the coordinator will get back to you.

Where can I park during lessons? There is a parking lot outside the pool entrance. There is also a parking lot west of that lot near the practice soccer fields and tennis courts. Parking is also available in front of the high school red building.

Where should I direct concerns about pool cleanliness, water quality and temperature, building maintenance, etc.? The aquatics program is just one of the many users of the pool and the Red Building locker rooms. Your questions or concerns about pool and locker room maintenance should be directed to the district business manager at 763-792-6001. The water temperature is cooler in the fall (80 degrees) at the request of the high school competitive swim program.

Can one parent bring two children to Tiny Tots or Poly Wogs?  No, every participant must have a responsible adult in attendance.

Should children wear diapers/plastic pants in the pool? Infants who are not yet potty trained should wear a rubber pant under their suit. No diapers are allowed in the pool. Please use the little swimmers instead.

Can I get a refund after the class starts? Refunds are not allowed once class begins. When you register and pay the fee you reserve a place in that class. The swim program relies on participant fees to cover class costs. The program incurs those expenses even if class participants choose not to come. Refunds will be made 24-hours prior to the first class meeting.

How do I contact my child’s swim instructor or the pool coordinator? Call the pool office at 763-792-5240 and leave a message. Because of the part-time nature of all the pool employees, it may take up to a week for your call to be returned. The phone is often answered when the swim program is in session.

What if I need to take my son into the girls locker room? If your child is in first grade or older, please use the appropriate sex locker room. If you are uncomfortable, there are family changing areas located opposite the pool locker rooms. If they are locked, please ask pool staff to open them for you.

Has it been some time since your child’s last swim lesson? Children can lose endurance and skills if they do not consistently take swimming lessons throughout the year. We advise parents to register their children for their previous class if it has been more than four months since their last lesson (i.e. if a student passes Level III in the summer and then does not take lessons again until winter, we recommend that the student repeat Level III in the winter).