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Digital Backpack

Welcome to the Digital Backpack, the district's central posting place for community flyers.


The digital backpack program is a venue for local community organizations to post electronic flyers up to six times per year.  Centennial Schools neither endorses nor sponsors these organizations, their missions or their policies.  If you have questions regarding these programs, please contact the organizations directly.  Centennial Public Schools recognizes the role of non-profit organizations that serve youth. Our paper distribution and digital backpack programs provides opportunities for local organizations to share their program information with students in our district.  




Centennial Youth Hockey Association 2019-20

Centennial Wrestling 2019

Great Wolf Swim 2019

Centennial Basketball Association, in-house league information


Girl Scouts River Valleys-2019 Information

Anoka County 4-H Open House


City of Lexington Fall Festival 


Fine Arts



Grace Church-Movie Night



If you are an organization looking to promote a program or event through Digital Backpack, please click the link below to review guidelines for sharing information/materials:  

Guidelines for sharing non-district materials

Organizations wishing to post information, must submit a request along with a PDF of the flyer/information at least 10 days prior to the desired posting date.  First year eligibility- organizations may request printed fliers to be distributed to first year eligible students only.  An example of first year eligible would be girls in Kindergarten that can now join Girl Scouts, or a 1st grader that can participate in Cub Scouts. 

All material to be distributed must be pre-approved through Community Education.  Individual schools will not process requests.  Requests will be reviewed on the basis of the school district's data practice and advertising policies.  Organizations offering a program in direct conflict with District 12 school athletics or Community Education classes will not have materials approved for distribution.  These access opportunities are only available to non-profit, youth serving organizations located in and holding events within the Centennial School District boundaries.

Requests for distribution of non-materials or promotion/endorsement of non-school activities are referred to the Community Education office for action and is not handled at the building level.  Effective in the fall of 2016, approved flyers will be posted to the district web site for access by the community, with first-year students still receiving paper flyers.

If you have materials that fall within the guidelines below, please email your flyer as an attachment to this email address: