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Driver Education

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Classroom and behind-the-wheel sessions offered year round

Learn to drive safely and with confidence in preparation for your Minnesota provisional driver’s license. Participants begin with 30-hours of in-class instruction to prepare for the knowledge (instruction permit) test. Next step is to enroll in a behind-the-wheel program. Participants will then receive a certificate of enrollment and classroom completion card (blue card) allowing them to take their knowledge test. Pass the test and finish the process by completing 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.  All instructors are licensed teachers and licensed driver education teachers.


The first phase of driver education, 30 hours of in-class instruction, prepares students for the knowledge (instruction permit) test. Students increase their understanding of basic skills, principles, and processes of responsible driving. Areas of concentration include driver's rights and responsibilities, alcohol and other drugs, signs-signals-road markings, rules of the road, safe driving tips, Minnesota traffic laws, and limitations for teen drivers. Participants missing class must wait for the next classroom series to make up missed time.

Have you completed the 30-Hour Driver Education Classroom and wondering your next step?  Click HERE to find out what to do upon the completion of Driver Education classroom.

Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) (limited availability)

The second phase of driver education consists of six hours of hands-on instruction. Students MUST have passed their knowledge test and received their driver permit in order to begin BTW. Register early to get the session that fits your schedule. Registration is first come, first serve.

Parental Approval for BTW

Preparing for your Road Test

Supervised Driving Log 

Online Registration


Legislation effective January, 2015 creates a "primary driving supervisor" who will supervise a teen for a majority of their required driving hours; adds an optional supplemental parental course; requires teens to present a driving log to the exam station at the time of the road test; and increases the number of driving hours for teens on an instruction permit to 50 hours, with 15 hours at night. If a parent/guardian takes the parental course it reduces required driving to 40 hours, with 15 at night. MN Statute 2012

Point of Impact (Parents and their new teen drivers)

Newly licensed teen drivers are not necessarily safe drivers. Parents are the first and best source for teaching their children. Safe driving skills are developed over time and a parent's role continues even after they receive their license. Traffic crashes are the leading killer of Minnesota teens. Inexperience, distraction, risk taking and poor seat belt compliance are the primary factors. Learn the importance of playing a role in developing the safe driving skills of your youth. View a video that presents stories of Minnesota youth and families impacted by crashes.

Participation reduces required practice driving time from 50 to 40 hours. The hours are recorded on the newly required driving log that must be submitted prior to taking the driver test.

Point of Impact classes are offered once a year.

To schedule your license exam online visit https://driverservices.dps.mn.gov/EServices

Or link from the DVS page at https://mndriveinfo.org/dvsinfo/MainFramepublic.asp