Families by Truck

Parent Advisory Council


What is the Parent Advisory Council?

A group of Centennial School District community members who provide input for early childhood program development

What does the Parent Advisory Council do?

  • Recommend activities, classes, and services for families with young children
  • Sponsor family activities
  • Raise funds to support program activities
  • Be a springboard for parent involvement in the district

Why should I join the Parent Advisory Council?

  • Be involved in decisions about the early childhood program
  • Meet other parents with young children
  • Easy, fun, casual meetings
  • Learn about the district
  • Parent involvement is key to a child's educational success

Some events sponsored by the Council:

  • Gym Nights
  • Fall and Spring field trips
  • Truck Day
  • ...and more!

What else do I need to know about the Parent Advisory Council?

  • The Advisory Council is currently meeting virtually.
  • Free child care is available in the sibling care room for in-person meetings
  • You can attend an occasional meeting or attend every month

We welcome your involvement!  Please call 763-792-6120 for more information.