Message to Families: January 11

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Centennial Families,

The violent events at the Capitol last week have been troubling. As we think about the emotions we are experiencing, coupled with the restrictions of the pandemic, we want to ensure that we are here for our students. Last week, some of our staff spent time talking about these topics with students. As we try to comprehend all the events of the past year, we want to make sure our staff and students, especially our black, indigenous, people of color, other underrepresented groups, and families know that Centennial stands with you and are here to help.  

Students carry other intense feelings on several fronts. Whether it’s struggling in school, not feeling connected to friends or people, the lingering sense of loss from the normalcy that a regular school year brings (and for our seniors, their last year in school), or just a general sadness for what they are seeing and experiencing around them. They need to feel our support, know that someone is listening, and their voices are being heard, and to do what we do best—love and continue to be there for them as a coach, advisor, teacher, mentor, advocate, and friend. Knowing the character of our staff, we will answer the call and be there for our students.  

This year, Wednesdays have been slated as social emotional connection days with our students. Administrators in our 6-12 schools will be available to students beginning Wednesday, January 13 for listening sessions where we will listen to our students and support them through these challenging times. With the amount of struggles our students are facing, this opportunity is dedicated to them for sharing their feelings and receiving our support. Look for more information tomorrow, Tuesday, January 12, from your student’s principal (for students in grades 6-12) on how to participate in this week’s listening sessions. Even though this activity is centered on students in grades 6-12, we also recognize some of our Centennial families had or want to have these conversations in their own home. We have assembled resources, below, that can be used by our Centennial families with students of all grades. 

As mentioned previously, conversations will ensure students have a safe place to share their feelings. Understanding and respecting the comfort level of our students and that families want to have a say in these opportunities, the listening sessions will be the student’s/family’s choice whether the individual student chooses to participate.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s principal for any additional support. The past months continue to be challenging. Despite this, we want you to know we will get through these days and be stronger together. There are better days ahead and we look forward to that time when we all can be together again.  

On-line resources you may find helpful to address issues at home with your student: