Message to Families: March 24 (to High School Families)

Centennial families:  

We want to inform you that an incident involving racist comments was reported at CHS this afternoon.  Please know that we take these reports very seriously, have investigated the situation, and have taken the appropriate action.   Centennial High School and the entire District does not tolerate racism.  

In addition, we are sending a message we shared with high school staff and students at the beginning of the year. The three pillars of success represent what our expectations are for everyone in our school.

Essentially, these are the standards we expect every person within Centennial High School to model. We want to create an environment where everyone is welcomed, respected, supported, and held to the standard that we treat each other the way we want to be treated. 

When that doesn’t happen, we do not hesitate to investigate and take immediate, appropriate action. Words have meanings and consequences. Harassment, bullying, and racially-charged statements will not be tolerated.

Being a partner with families and the community, please review and discuss the following pillars with your student/s.

Three Pillars of Success

First Pillar – Character

  • Always be respectful
  • Whether fair or not, the truth is that we are judged by our worst acts or moments so you can never have an “off” day when it comes to your character
  • Racist remarks and/or actions, bullying with words and/or actions or harassing others will not be tolerated or accepted

Second Pillar – Academics

  • Attend class
  • Be respectful to teachers and classmates at all times 
  • Bring your best to everything you do at school, from homework, classroom discussions, and building positive relationships with all

Third Pillar – Integrity

  • Do things the right way
  • Do not do anything detrimental to yourself, your classmates, and the school or the community 
  • Do the right thing even when no one is watching 

Moving forward we will build lessons around our three pillars to reinforce how we want everyone to carry themselves, respect one another, and support everyone in our school.  

Each student deserves a safe, respectful, and supportive learning environment. 


Tom Breuning     and       Brian Dietz 
Principal                          Superintendent of Schools