Message to Families: March 27 (to High School families)

Centennial High School Families,

You may have heard of an outdoor event that was to occur on Monday morning. It was our understanding it was to be a student, alumni, and parent sit-out that has now grown to include the general public due to the attention of the event through media and social media outlets. Knowing the public plans to attend, it is impossible to maintain a safe environment for students to have an event outside. We will provide a space inside the school where only Centennial students may convene on Monday. The public will not be allowed inside our school.

We will continue to follow the COVID protocols in place to help ensure a healthy environment for our students and staff. To keep our students, staff, and families safe throughout the pandemic, visitors are not allowed inside our schools. This COVID protocol will be followed on Monday.  

If you choose to keep your student at home on Monday, we are allowing our fulltime, in-person students to learn remotely. Please have your student follow their regular class schedule.

Thank you for your understanding and support. If you have questions, please contact me.

Tom Breuning