FREE Meals and Curbside Food Pick-Up for ALL Students

FREE meals for ALL children, ages 18 and younger, through the remainder of the school year! Click on "Read More" to find the meal pick-up schedule and locations which include curbside and 25 bus stops throughout the district. Children do not need to attend Centennial Schools.

Click here for meal information and pick-up schedule.

Facility Health & Safety Protocols

What are the water and ventilation protocols?

  • We have ensured that all water systems have been flushed to use after a prolonged facility shutdown.
  • Economizers are controlled to ensure maximum outdoor air is being provided when outside conditions allow.
  • Increased amount of outside air provided to classrooms and other learning spaces will decrease the amount of CO2 in these spaces and increase the frequency that air is changed and filtered.
  • System run times have been adjusted to ensure operation two hours before and after the building is occupied.
  • Filtration bay and system have been inspected and are sealed properly not allowing filter bypass.
  • Filter media upgraded to highest MERV rating that our system can properly operate without pressure drop concerns, which can damage our ventilation system.
  • Frequent filter changes are required due to the increased operation of HVAC systems.

What are the cleaning and materials handling protocols?

  • Electrostatic sprayers are used daily which disinfect a classroom and high touch surfaces. Every custodian in the District has a sprayer.
  • UV disinfection systems are used in all buildings/classrooms which disinfects classrooms.
  • Daily schedules for routine environmental cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces (e.g., classroom work counters, individual desks, recently used toys, shared equipment) in classrooms and common spaces are established.
  • Routine cleaning is scheduled when students and teachers are not occupying the space.
  • Classroom supplies are adequate to minimize sharing of high-touch materials to the extent possible.
  • We avoid sharing electronic devices, books, toys, and other games or learning aids when possible, and ensure cleaning between uses.
  • Students keep personal items in individually labeled cubbies, containers, desks, or lockers.