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Business Office

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A transparent and good steward of public resources, the Centennial School District shares financial documents with the public. Documents are prepared with state and federal laws and accounting practices and follow the District's policies. The District conducts an audit annually in accordance with statute.

Financial Information

Click below to view the Annual Publication of District Revenues and Expenditures Budget. 

District Revenues and Expenditures

Financial Audits

Learn more about the Centennial School District's finances through its audit:

2022 Audit

2021 Audit

2020 Audit

Truth in Taxation

View a presentation on property tax levies, legislative changes, information on school funding and the District budget, proposed taxes, tax impact, and property tax refunds.

Truth in Taxation Presentation



Patrick Chaffey
Executive Director of Business Services
Phone: 763-792-6000

Terry Allen
Accounting and Finance Manager
Email:                        Phone: 763-792-6004

Marsha Eichinger
MARSS Coordinator
Email:  Phone: 763-792-6178

Jeanne Gschwind
Accounts Payable
Email:          Phone: 763-792-6003

Jane Wolfe
District Office Assistant
Email:                       Phone: 763-792-6000

Margaret Kindle
Payroll Specialist
Email:                    Phone: 763-792-6005