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Campus Attendance

Parents and guardians can use the Absence Request tool to submit a request that informs the office in advance when their student is not going to be in school. After the request is processed, Campus creates an attendance record for the student.  

1. Login to Campus Parent Portal on a web browser or mobile app.
* Having trouble logging in?  Click here for online resources or contact your student's school office for assistance.

2. Navigate to the Absence Request tool in Parent Portal

Campus Attendance Menu
Submit a new Absence Request

1. Mark the student for whom you are submitting the absence request.
2. Select the reason the student will be absent from the Excuse dropdown list.
3. Select the Absence Type.
4. Enter the date(s) for the absence.
5. Enter Comments about the absence reason (required).
6. Click Submit when finished.  

Only current day and future absence requests can be submitted.  Please contact the school office regarding any past absences requests

Campus Attendance - Request Example

Full Day Absence - Example

This option allows you to submit a request for an entire day. You may request more than one day. Be sure to enter the dates in the First Day and Last Day fields.

Campus Attendance - Full Day Absence

Arrive Late - Example

If you select the Arrive Late option, enter the time your student will arrive in the Arrival Time field. 
Arrival time must be between 6:00am and 6:00pm.

Campus Attendance - Arrive Late

Leave Early - Example

If you select the Leave Early option, enter the time your student will leave in the Departure Time field. 
Departure time must be between 6:00am and 6:00pm.

Campus Attendance - Leave Early

View an Absence Request

To view all previously submitted absence requests for the student, click the View Requests button. The Current Requests displays details of existing requests and can be viewed by selecting the record.

Campus Attendance - View Request

Delete an Absence Request

To delete an unprocessed absence request, click the request on the Current Requests screen then click the Delete Request button.

Campus Attendance - Delete Request