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Adopted:     10/19/15           


    The purpose of this policy is to outline the rules and procedures to be followed when the     school district     finds that it necessary to reassign teachers from one building to another     because of changes in student enrollment, staff reductions, scheduling, etc.

The School Board recognizes the need for reassigning staff.  It is the School Board's intention to provide the best educational opportunities for students by maximizing the use of the school district's staff.  The School Board directs the Superintendent to develop a written procedure that minimizes the disruption to staff and students when transferring a teacher is necessary and provides optimum educational opportunities for students. 


    A.    Voluntary Transfers between Buildings
    STEP #1:    On/or before April 1st each year, the Principals will recommend to the Director of Human Resources the voluntary transfer of teachers currently on the Principal's teaching staff to different teaching positions on the same staff.  Requests for such voluntary transfers must be made in writing to the Principal on/or before March 15th for the succeeding year.  The Principal will respond in writing to each voluntary request on/or before April 1st.  Since the decision for the transfer of special education staff is shared by the Principals and Directors of Instruction and Human Resources, special education staff requesting voluntary transfers must complete Step #3 of these procedures.

    STEP #2:    On/or about April 1st each year, the Director of Human Resources will post all known teaching positions.  “Teaching positions” shall include Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) positions.  The posted positions will include all known new teaching positions, positions which have been vacated in writing for the succeeding school year and the school location of the positions.  The posting will exclude positions voluntarily transferred by Principals within their own buildings -- refer to Step #1.  If positions will be eliminated or reduced at a school, the Principal at the location will ensure that the impact of the eliminated or reduced positions will be communicated to the teaching staff on or about April 1st each year.

    STEP #3:    On/or about May 1st each year, all qualified current staff who responded in writing to the April 1st posting will be interviewed.  Qualified shall mean that the teacher will be appropriately licensed.  This step must be completed by teachers who are requesting a transfer to another building or by special education staff requesting a non-special education assignment within or between buildings.  Selection of teachers by the administration for transfer will be based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:  multiple licensure, post-graduate training, teaching experience, specialized training/development, classroom teaching style, adult relationships, leadership experience and teaching evaluations.

    STEP #4:    For the positions posted on/or about April 1st, all current employed qualified teachers requesting a transfer to another school, shall be interviewed by the principal of the school to which the teacher is requesting transfer.  The Principal shall inform the teacher of the Principal's decision to recommend or not recommend transfer prior to the interviewing of applicants for the same position who are not currently employed by the school district.

    B.    Involuntary Transfers between Buildings
    STEP #1:    The Human Resource Office will internally post the affected position.

    STEP #2:    If no teacher applies for the position or the administration does not select any teacher who applied for the position, a teacher may be involuntarily transferred to fill the position.

    STEP #3:    An administrator will meet with the teacher who the administration intends to involuntarily transfer before the teacher is reassigned to discuss the transfer.

    STEP #4:    Once the decision is made by the administration to involuntarily transfer a teacher, the affected teacher shall be afforded an opportunity to share any concerns with the administrator of the school to which the administration is transferring the teacher or with the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee prior to the reassignment.  The Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee will furnish the teacher with the reasons in writing if the teacher requests the reasons in writing.

    C.    Teaching Assignment
        On or before the last working day of the current school year, the Principal at each school shall inform teachers of their tentative assignment for the next school year.