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537: Athletic/Activity Academic Requirements

Adopted:      11/16/15

I.                   PURPOSE

 The purpose of this policy to define the academic requirements that athletic and activity participants must maintain in order to be eligible for competition.


Student Activities, including athletics, fine arts, etc., are an important part of the school day for many students.  They provide students with opportunities to display their skills and knowledge at contests conducted in public. Although these programs are a positive part of the total school program, they do not stand alone. The basic core and purpose of the school is vested in the academic courses.  

Students participating in MSHSL sanctioned athletics and activities must earn the minimum credits available each semester to ensure they are on track to graduate. Students are to be making satisfactory progress towards graduation requirements and maintaining a recommended 2.0 term GPA. This begins with the first semester of their freshman year and follows through their first semester as a senior to be eligible for competition. 

In the event a student is not meeting these requirements, the student will enter into a probationary status, which will provide administration the opportunity to conduct a case-by-case review of student circumstances. During the probationary period, students will have the opportunity to make progress and/or meet the requirements to remain academically eligible.  Probationary periods shall carry over from semester to semester and year to year.

This policy applies to all student teams in the high school and all middle school students that compete on a varsity, junior varsity or "B" squad athletic team, as well as all senior high school activities.