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Listening Sessions


In ongoing efforts to gather feedback from stakeholders, the School Board is hosting quarterly Listening Sessions for the public. The sessions provide the opportunity for community members, staff, parents, and students to meet informally with board representatives and the superintendent to discuss topics in the schools. 

Listening Sessions increase communication and engagement work that reflects the district’s commitment to excellence. Additional sessions to seek input/perspective on topics established by the Board would be scheduled as a special or additional Board Listening Session.

Expectations of the Public

Board members or the superintendent may ask clarifying questions of you as the participant to gain a thorough understanding of your concern, suggestion or request.  If there is any follow-up or response to your comment or suggestion, you will be contacted via email or phone in a timely manner by a member of the board or administration.

Please be aware that disrespectful comments or comments of a personal nature, directed at an individual either by name or inference, will not be allowed.  Personnel concerns should be directed first to a principal or executive director of the department, then to the executive director of human resources, then to the superintendent and finally, in writing to the board.

General Overview & Procedures of School Board Listening Sessions

Goal:  To establish informal feedback and input opportunities for the public to share their perspectives.

  • Sessions are scheduled quarterly.
  • Two board members and the superintendent attend each session.
  • Sessions are held prior to a scheduled Work Study Session or Regular Board Meeting.

Check the School Board Calendar for scheduled listening sessions