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Strategic Planning

Through engagement of students, families, staff, and community representatives, a mission and vision of the Centennial school District will be created through the strategic planning process. A plan to achieve the goals of providing an educational experience for students aligned with the community's values will be developed.

The planning began in fall 2021. Centennial's history was explored and assessed along with the District's successes and challenges so we can continue to support our students' education and growth. The process of reflection and insight enables the District to better understand the actions, policies, and stories that have shaped our district and helps move us forward with greater clarity and alignment.

Centennial stakeholders provided perspective of the school district. Through focus group session, families and staff were asked what mattered most to them to create a "desired daily experience" at our schools. Feed back was sent to all staff, families, students in grades 6-12 via  a survey to learn more about what matters most to our school communities.

We celebrate the past--the Centennial legacy--and build momentum from the optimism of our stakeholders and administration to draft and implement the desired daily experiences for our students and staff. 

Outcome of the Strategic Planning Process

A three-year operational plan, school improvement plans, and a school board agenda so governance is in place to support the desired daily experiences.

Centennial District Strategic Roadmap

Through engagement of students, families, staff, and community representatives, a mission and vision of the Centennial School District has been created through the strategic planning process. The plan also includes the goals of providing an educational experience for students, families, and staff as well as the district’s strategic directions.

District Strategic Roadmap for Centennial Schools: Connecting. Achieving. Preparing.

District Mission: Our Core Purpose

By providing high quality educational opportunities, emotional support, and social development, Centennial School District prepares learners for excellence in their future.

Core Values: Drivers of Our Words and Actions

  • Connecting: Engaging students in meaningful ways with their school community.
  • Achieving: Student success through academic excellence in learning and teaching while supporting students in their growth and achievement.
  • Preparing: Provide opportunities for academic excellence to prepare students for their future.

Vision: What We Intend to Create

Centennial School District is a welcoming environment where all students, staff, and families belong and will:

  • Provide innovative, personalized, rigorous, and relevant educational opportunities for each student.
  • Build and strengthen relationships and partnerships with the community to offer educational programs and opportunities for all.

Strategic Directions: Focus of Our Improvement Efforts

  • Improving teaching and learning practices for student success and achievement.
  • Increasing engagement, belonging, and strengthening the staff and student experience.
  • Supporting staff in continuous improvement of professional practice.
  • Increasing family engagement in student learning and school experiences.
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness in district operations.

Desired Daily Experiences

Desired Daily Experiences: Student

  • I enjoy flexible learning and activity choices that meet my academic, emotional, and social needs.
  • I have access to technology to support my educational needs.
  • I am comfortable during passing time, lunch, and other times throughout the day.
  • I enter a welcoming environment where I feel safe, accepted, and belong at school.
  • My race and preferences are respected, acknowledged, and accepted.
  • I have positive interactions and relationships with students and staff.

Desired Daily Experiences: Families

  • I receive consistent communication from my student's teacher, school, and district to support my student's education.
  • My student has the appropriate materials, resources, and technology.
  • My student's school is welcoming, safe, and inclusive.
  • I have opportunities to be involved in my student's school community.
  • Staff provide attention and support to meet my student's needs.
  • My student's school provides a relevant and rigorous educational experience.

Desired Daily Experiences: Staff

  • I receive cohesive and timely communication.
  • I have a voice and my input matters.
  • I receive the support necessary to be successful.
  • I am a trusted, respected, and valued professional.
  • I have the resources that allow me to meet all my students' needs.
  • I am connected and feel like I belong to the Centennial community.
  • I have a manageable workload and appropriate class sizes.
  • My mental health needs are recognized and addressed.
Student playing the trombone