2016 TIES Exceptional Teacher Awards Announced

November 08, 2016

TIES Exceptional Teacher Awards Announced
Kindergarten teachers Jen Wenzel (Golden Lake Elementary) and Angee Stodola (Blue Heron Elementary) are the recipients of the 2016 Technology and Information Education Services (TIES) Exceptional Teacher awards for their strong passion and commitment towards impacting student learning through the use of technology. They will be recognized at the annual TIES Conference in December.

Angee Stodola thrives by collaborating closely with her grade-level team to use innovation to meet the wide range of academic and social/emotional needs of students. Stodola embeds technology into her classroom so students have increased opportunities to receive immediate feedback and are respected as learners with individual needs. Stodola also uses technology to better organize grade level resources and to learn professionally.

Jen Wenzel is a life-long learner and is always on the quest to do what is best for her learners. She is a leader among leaders and models a mindset that is comfortable with change. She is persistent to find effective, aligned, and meaningful ways to challenge her kindergarten students through her use of technology. The emphasis is not on devices, rather than impactful ways to cognitively engage students and teach them to think. Wenzel also uses technology for parent communication, feedback, and information.