Be Eyemazing!

An essay by Logan Anderson, 5th Grade Student, Blue Heron Elementary
January 10, 2023

Mr. Gutbrod's Grade 5 class and the Circle-Lex Lions' Club are working together to collect old or no longer used eyeglasses for people in need. We are trying to make a difference with you in people's lives that might not have access to eyecare. There are many reasons that people around the world could use your no longer used eyeglasses.

The first reason you should donate your eyeglasses is that you could change a kid's whole life. One out of four kids have vision problems that can affect their learning in school. Providing eyeglasses would help the children read and see the board.

The second reason is there are countries that are unable to make good lenses because they can't afford the proper tools to make them. They don't have the money and resources that we are fortunate to have in our country. 

People in developing countries could lose their jobs because they can't afford to buy eyeglasses. Some family businesses could be closed down because they are unable to see what they're making. Other people could need glasses if their jobs involve driving vehicles.

So, if you have a pair of eyeglasses that are collecting dust in a closet or nightstand, we need them. Please give eyeglasses to a student attending Blue Heron Elementary, or send your donated eyeglasses to Blue Heron Elementary c/o Mr. Gutbrod's Grade 5 Class (405 Elm Street, Lino Lakes, MN 55014). We will be taking your donated eyeglasses until the end of May. Your donation will go a long way to changing people's lives. Thank you.