Choral Students Earn Top Ratings

April 04, 2016

Centennial solo and ensemble students participated in the 5AA Solo/Ensemble Contest on April 2 and brought home 35 "Superior" ratings, 21 "Excellent" ratings, and one "Good" rating. Students sang a prepared piece for a judge, and then received comments and the rating of Superior, Excellent, Good, or Fair. Congratulations to the students, and to Adam Drabek for receiving the "Best in Site Award," and to Courtney Klein for receiving a perfect score.

Superior Ratings
Hailey Beck, Sierra Beilby, Grace Breuning, Becca Conrad, Amanda Deutsch, Adam Drabek, Deijah Draughn, Idallys Draughn, Ellie Finken, Garrett Hanson, Dominic Jones, Courtney Klein, Morgan Koenig, Isabelle Mayhew, Harris Kramer, Samantha Latterel, Samantha Lesch, Emma Madeaux, Sarah Moumni, Katie Mulberry, Nathan Navratil, Danelle Olson, Will Rafferty, Calley Rickard, Livie Ruble, Jessica Zola, Delaney Warren (2), Carly Rademacher, Isabelle Sorenson, Sarah Spaulding, Max Tretsvon, Meghan Trimble, Tyler Trudeau, Nina Vang, Yer Vang, Jennifer Wehmas, and Shinna Yang.

Excellent Ratings
Olivia Anizor, Nate Averbeck, Caitlyn Bennett, Sydney Davis, Kae Dobratz, Sarah Finken, Deci Forslund, Dustin Googins, Megan Heider, Hailey Hults, Megan Johnston, Kayla Kosak, Bailey LeVoir, Brenna Lindblad, Shania Lovelace, Taylor Nelson-Miller, Erin Rademacher, Mario Solorzano, Abby Sproul, Cameron Wonchoba, and Jessica Zola.