Colleen Salay Named Teacher of the Year

May 10, 2017
photo of Colleen Salay
Congratulations to Colleen Salay, Teacher of the Year!

Colleen Salay, a kindergarten teacher at Golden Lake Elementary, was named Teacher of the Year by the Centennial Education Association. 

As CEA's pick for Centennial Teacher of the Year, Colleen will be a candidate for Minnesota Teacher of the Year. Community members are invited to help with the application by providing letters of support, which can be mailed to Colleen Salay at 1 School Road, Circle Pines, MN 55014.

Centennial Education Association and the Centennial Area Education Foundation award grants for the development of the Teacher of the Year recognition program.

Teachers nominated for the Centennial honor are Kris Conroy, Curt Gutbrod, Hope Kuck, Patty Landwehr, Wendy Morrisette, and Pamela Timm from Blue Heron Elementary; Megan Fritz, Katie Guthmueller, and Robyn Hendrickson from Centennial Elementary; Susie Johnson, Sandy Joselyn, Heidi Miller, Barb Stein, Rhonda Stone, and Deb Weir from Centerville Elementary; Steve Hagen from Golden Lake Elementary; Erin Chapman, Sue Howell, Annamarie Krska, Bradley Stamman, and Robin Wong from Rice Lake Elementary; Mary Andrews, Amy Duffy, Chris Kopp, Carrie Kyung-Andersson, Mary Rudquist, Anne Thomsen, and Kelly Tischler from Centennial Middle School; Dan DeRuyck from the Centennial Learning Center; Holly Augustin, Colleen Cardinal, Tim Davis, Lisa Johnson, Robert Mangone, Brian Marquardt, Jessica Robinson, and Kevin Setterholm from Centennial High School; Dan Ries from Pines School.