Congressman Emmer Sees How Technology Helps Students Learn

April 05, 2016
Congressman Emmer Visits with Students
Congressman Emmer visits a ninth grade Geography class to see how technology helps them learn.

Congressman Tom Emmer visited a ninth grade Geography class to see, first-hand, how technology is helping students learn. The teacher, Mr. Ripken, utilizes Campus Learning, a software program, to deliver personalized instruction. For portions of the curriculum students are able to move at a pace that is suitable to their learning needs, using a Chromebook, iPad, Desktop computer, or even their own personal device. Upon completion of Minnesota standard-based objectives, students show their level of competency by completing a summative assessment as well as applying their skills to subsequent units.

This learning environment creates exciting opportunities for both students and teachers. Students who comprehend material quickly are able to move through the objectives faster and may take on more challenging tasks. Students who need extra guidance on a specific task receive the extra time.

Campus Learning has already proven successful for the last several years in Mr. Ripken’s Geography courses. Feedback from students and parents includes praise regarding the innovative use of technology, the ability to work with others, a greater autonomy of time management, and the opportunity for self-paced learning.

Centennial has a unique partnership with Infinite Campus where a team of developers and teachers have been working on this software program to allow for a more personalized approach to education.