Hall of Fame Class of 2016 Inducted

September 23, 2016
hall of fame recipients
Hall of Fame Class of 2016: Dick Lasch, Duane Carlson, Michelle Kline, and Roger Crawford

Four members of the Centennial community were inducted into the Hall of Fame on Friday, September 23 as part of the homecoming festivities. Distinguished alumni: Roger Crawford (’70), teacher, principal, mayor and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives; Michelle Kline (’87), two-time Olympian in Speed Skating. Distinguished Service inductees: Duane Carlson, 1969-2007, teacher (Teacher of the Year, 1990) and coach; Dick Lasch, 1960-2000, teacher, coach and recreation director. The Centennial District Hall of Fame honors alumni and individuals who have contributed to Centennial Schools, to students, and to the community. Congratulations to the Hall of Fame Class of 2016!