Julie Cross Named Teacher of the Year

May 13, 2015
Julie Cross
Julie Cross is named Teacher of the Year

Cross Named 2015 Teacher of the Year

Centennial Education Association (CEA) has selected Julie Cross as the Teacher of the Year. Julie is a teacher at the Centennial Alternative Learning Center and has been with the District for 15 years. 

Julie never relies on her basic curriculum in her efforts to individualize instruction and meet each learner’s needs. She runs the night school and has developed the curriculum that hundreds of adult learners continue to use.

She is able to relate to students in a personal way without the lens of judgement or superiority.  Julie says, “I love it when I see the flicker of recognition and validation in their eyes as I explain my understanding and can summarize their needs in a compassionate manner."

The Teacher of the Year Selection Committee noted the field of candidates was large and the competition fierce with a record number of teachers of excellence vying for the honor.

As the CEA’s pick for Centennial Teacher of the Year, Julie will be a candidate for Minnesota Teacher of the Year. Community members are invited to help with the application by providing letters of support, which can be mailed to Julie Cross at 4203 Woodland Road, Circle Pines, MN 55014.

Centennial Education Association and the Centennial Area Education Foundation (CAEF) award grants for the development of the Teacher of the Year recognition program.

Congratulations, Julie!

Other teachers nominated for the Centennial honor are Holly Augustin, Colleen Cardinal, Lisa Cisewski, Kim Davidson, Cheryl Dettmer, Karen DeWitt, Shannon Hanlon, Emily Hjelle, Karina Houle, Lisa Johnson, Sandy Joselyn, Neil Kruse, Amy Lund, Mark Magnuson, Heidi Miller, Kara Mundale, Patty Nelson, John Paisley, Teresa Parker, Jennifer Peterson, Dawn Prax, Stacy Pullis, Annamarie Schneider, Brad Stamman, Angela Stodola, Jen Verplaetse, Mary Walker, Paul Wiehe, Becky Weiland, Monica Wenzel, and Robin Wong. 

Centennial's History of Teacher of the Year Recipients