Learning from the Olympic Games

February 15, 2022
Girl on the left and boy on the right, standing next to the bobsled track made from cardboard.
Emma Bruen and Mohamed Abdi, students in Ms. Alonzi’s class, used the Olympic bobsled event to learn about the science behind the race and built their own sleds and created tracks with twists and turns. Timed runs were made with gummy bear drivers and students noted the difference in speed when the gummy bears were sitting up vs. lying down.

Third grade students in Ms. Alonzi and Ms. Fritz’s classes at Centennial Elementary learned how bobsledders get their sleds to race down the track the fastest. They learned about the science behind the race which includes pushing off, speed and momentum, drag, aerodynamics, and static friction. Students designed their course complete with turns and planned, built, and raced their straw sleds with gummy bears as the drivers. Students made timed runs on the twisted tracks. It takes a village! Shout out to Steve Klimek, one of the school’s custodians, for his work to cut the cardboard bases.