"Little Life Changers" Make Seeing Possible

January 06, 2017

Little Life Changers

By: Sydney

Imagine your parents- now imagine the people who don't know what their parents look like. They can't see them. Try to imagine your parents like those people, just blurry blobs in front of them. Sad right? You might be able to change that!

We, Mr. Gutbrod's 5th grade class, are partnering with the Circle-Lex Lions' Club to bring in old eyeglasses for developing countries like Haiti, parts of Mexico, and other places where most people can't afford to see a doctor. From now until school ends in early June, you have the opportunity to change a life for someone.

By donating your old eyeglasses just sitting on a shelf or in a drawer, you're not just giving a pair of glasses, you're giving someone a new, better life, maybe giving someone a job, an education, and even a better thought about life. You are making lives beautiful to that one person, maybe for the first time, and even completely changing them.

The place you can do all of this is at Blue Heron Elementary, either by dropping them off in the office or sending them through school mail. We, also, have a drop-off box outside Mr. Gutbrod's classroom in the fifth grade wing.

One pair of glasses or many is one life changed or many. Feel good knowing YOU did that. YOU changed that one person's life. YOU did something good for not only one town, one state, one country but maybe in the world. That one pair of glasses could be revolutionary, could inspire someone to make something even better of him or herself. It could even inspire you! Please donate, please give someone a new view of life.

However, I know not all of you have or have had glasses... you can still help! Set up a box at your job, a local store, or a church in your community, with permission of course. After you collect as many pairs of eyeglasses as satisfy you, even if that's only one pair, do exactly as it states for those who have old glasses. If you like, fill up a box, donate them, set up another box and donate again later in the year. Even if you have old glasses, you can set up another donation box.

Please come and give these small things that make a large impact on the life of a person in need. Sight is an amazing thing and this is an awesome opportunity to make sight possible. Thank you to all of you who support our cause! Thank you to all of you who donate these Little Life Changers.

Glasses can be dropped off at the Main Office of Blue Heron Elementary, 405 Elm St, Lino Lakes, MN 55014.