New Funding Provides Student and Family Support

May 12, 2022

Additional Funding Secured for 2022-2023 School Year

The Centennial School District has been awarded additional funding which focuses on individual support for students and families.

Class Size Reduction

Through the strategic planning process, manageable class size was identified as a Desired Daily Experience in our schools by both families and staff. The district’s application for federal ESSER III funds was approved and the district will hire eight additional teachers over the next two school years to reduce class sizes where enrollment is highest at the elementary and secondary levels. While sustainable class size reduction strategies will take additional time to put into place, the district is appreciative of this opportunity, helping in the short term.

Staff and Programming to Impact Students and Families

The Centennial School District applied for and secured $621,000 in state Achievement and Integration (A/I) program funding which will be available for the 2022-2023 school year. Funds will support the creation of three student and family advocate positions, a coordinator of student programming at the secondary level, transportation of students to attend the Odyssey program at Rice Lake Elementary and busing for after-school activities at Centennial Middle School. Funding will also support professional development and a staffing position in Teaching and Learning. A/I funding is ongoing, and the district will continue to participate in the program to support students and programs.