2016 Teacher of the Year: Andrea Krueger

Andrea Krueger Teacher of the Year
Andrea Krueger was named the 2016 Teacher of the Year

Andrea Krueger, English Teacher at Centennial High School, was named the 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year by the Centennial Education Association. The Centennial Education Associaion and the Centennial Area Education Foundation award grants for the development of this recognition program. 

Nominated at the District Level:

  • Melinda Goedeke

Nominated from Blue Heron Elementary are:

  • Dave Benson
  • Kary Burggraff
  • Kris Conroy
  • Amy Gerst
  • Curt Gutbrod
  • Sue Navratil
  • Laurie Nyren
  • Teresa Parker
  • Jennifer Peterson
  • Stacy Pullis
  • Angee Stodola

Nominated from Centennial Elementary:

  • Joan Anderson
  • Kelly Lyons
  • Sara Neibergall
  • Troy Nickel
  • Julia Steffensmeier

Nominated from Centerville Elementary:

  • Alyssa Andree Barnes
  • George Burr
  • Susie Johnson
  • Rhonda Stone
  • Deb Weir

Nominated from Golden Lake Elementary:

  • Todd Trick

Nominated from Rice Lake Elementary:

  • Erin Berg
  • Lisa Cisewski

Nominated from Centennial Middle School:

  • Carrie Kyung
  • Christine Ringen
  • Amy Rova-Duffy
  • Mary Rudquist
  • Eric Wahl

Nominated from the Centennial Alternative Learning Center:

  • Dan DeRuyck

Nominated from Centennial High School:

  • Jennifer Eichten
  • Julie Enwright
  • Laura Gordon
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Robert Mangone
  • Chris Ripken
  • Robert Schlidt
  • Kevin Setterholm
  • Becky Weiland