Thank You for Your Service to Our Students and the Community

And, Congratulations to our Employees of the Year!
June 08, 2022

Congratulations to Centennial Employee of the Year Recipients!

Kris Cafferty, occupational therapist at Blue Heron and Centennial Elementary Schools, for support of parents, students, and colleagues, as well as for her broad knowledge, work ethic, and positive and supportive attitude.

Lynn Dierks, early childhood administrative assistant, for her positivity and welcoming, friendly, and helpful attitude, as well as making changes to better assist families and ensuring equal access to district resources and programming.

Sara Fenstermacher, psychologist/social worker at Golden Lake Elementary, for her professionalism and compassion to help others as they navigate special education and services needed to support their student, as well as for her patience, and for being a strong role model for those who need support.

Cori Sendle, director of community education, for her advocacy for those in the community, for building relationships and embodying the mission in her leadership: making connections within the community to provide learners of all ages with accessible and enriching opportunities.

Recognizing Centennial Staff
The School Board recognizes Centennial staff for their years of service:

5 Years // Rhonda Barnes, Tanya Buescher, Linda Buirge, Angela Cahlander, Lynn Dierks, Lena Erickson, Gretchen Eychaner, Cathy Feld, Stacie Ferrence, Nicole Frase, Lynda Freitager, Pam Garvey, Andrea Goddard, Sara Gramer, Kali Gschwind, Ashley Guzman, Kelsy Haltvick, Rachel Henley, Jennifer Herrick, Lori Kordell, Bridget Krieger, Carvel Kuehn, Shawn Leet, Kara Leopold, Sarah Letko, Jenna Matteson Laabs, Justin Miller, Stephen Miller, Kimberly Muellerleile, Amy Nielson, Jena Parker, Jennifer Remore, Kacie Schugel, Heather Schumann, Whitney Selimovic, Kelly Siler, Stephanie Stevens, Kathy Sullivan, Shaun Turner, Angela Waldoch

10 Years // Kelly Aldred, Laura Alonzi, Andy Angell, Abbey Bliss, Bryan Carlson, Erin Chapman, Kelli Diggins, Michelle Donahue, Kristine Erickson, Matt Fenno, Ryan Ganley, Rachel Griffin, Katie Guthmueller, Mary Henke, Kayla Krebs, Ty Kytta, Sandra Mackie, Keith Meier, Jodi Nohrenberg, Emily Peterson, Ty Poppleton, Jessica Robinson, Amy Rova-Duffy, Jayson Schumann, Jeff Thorson, Paula Trettel

15 Years // Julie Athman, Rebecca Bainville, Stephen Calvert, Karen DeWitt, Gail Erickson, Angela Forte, Lori Krohnfeldt, Geraldine Lowe, Antonio Pastrana, Jennifer Peterson, Stacy Pullis, Monica Wenzel

20 Years // Kari Arvig, Beth Bakken, Kris Cafferty, Kelly Cook, Nadine Cory, Steven Hagen, Barb Hanson, Mary Iden, Karen Johnson, Steve Klimek, Kris Kottke, Mark Lendway, Kelly Marciano, Cindy Nelson, Doreen Quimby, Cindy Sandberg, Juli Smith, Matt Tembreull

25 Years // Cindy Aasland, Mary Beach, Bruce Carrigan, Kevin Gilbertson, Gary Glad, Kim Hartert, Kristin Hilger, Judy Montain, Kimberly Muller, Sara Nelson, Jim Nienow, Sara Oldre, Jeff Ottosen, Amy Pung, Diane Quinzon, Sally Rowe, Colleen Skoglund

30 Years // Patrick Dallas, Sue Degelau, Linda Drilling, Theresa Johnson, Tim Koffski, Kelly Kuzel, Christine Land, Greg McCready, Linda Murphy, Shannon Nelson, Colleen Salay, Cyrena Schroeder, Dale Schuster, Kevin Setterholm, Eric Wahl, Paul Wiehe, Dave Wolff

35 Years // Curt Gutbrod, Carol Hanson, Mark Magnuson, Gary Tolkinen

40 Years // Bernie Bautch

Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your commitment to Centennial students!

Diane Nordstrom, Peter Kalnin, Kathleen Nelson, Jodeen Magnuson, Art Mohler, Jaclyn Tlachac, Dan Schuster, Marge Nenow, Laura Lund, Scott Johnson, Elia Nenow, Harold Nenow, Joel Heckman, Vicki Anderson, Patty Hagen, Debbie Goodwin, Pam Fitzpatrick, Bev Goertzen, Vicki Meehan, Cynthia Aasland, Arnie Lamers, Becky LaCroix, Beth Malark, Carol Hanson, Gary Tolkinen, John Riley, Juli Smith, Kris Cafferty, Sue Kramer, Suzanne Degelau, Teresa Jernberg, Leslye Erzberger, Lynn Kriegler, Deb Kerschner, Cathy Feld, Kathy Kaiser, Michelle Boespflug, Gunilla Ekeling, Bernie Bautch, Maria Lesnar, Anne Thomsen, Susan Lovgren, Doreen Quimby, Sue Gambucci, Leonore Heino, Brenda Merrill, Therese Noel, Maureen Kimmes, Shannon Nelson