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Two Centennial Teachers Participate in Research Trip to South Korea

August 27, 2019
Julie standing in front of a temple in Korea
Julie Cross was one of 30 teachers selected as a World History Digital Education Fellow. Leonore Heino also was selected and made the trip to Korea over the summer break.

Centennial High School Social Studies Teachers Julie Cross and Leonore Heino were two of 30 teachers selected as a World History Digital Education Fellow. The fellowship included a 10-day visit to the Republic of  Korea and focused on researching Korean history and culture. Fellows explored historical sites and museums, and learned of the country's economic growth and democratization.

A note from Julie Cross on the experience: The trip was organized, and made possible by the World History Digital Education Foundation and the Korea Foundation. The purpose of the trip was to give Social Studies teachers a first-hand, experiential learning opportunity to learn about Korea past and present. The foundations would like us to educate our students and colleagues about Korea and its amazing history and ability to recover from the devastation of the Korean War. The teachers had the amazing experience of staying in Seoul and the Southeastern countryside and visiting many cultural and historical sites over ten days.

I think the most powerful day was the one that we spent at the Demilitarization Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea.  Gazing out across the line into North Korea felt surreal. The South Koreans have built a railroad station that will send people north if reunification between the two countries should ever occur. Germany has also donated part of the Berlin Wall to this train station that marks how long Germany was divided after World War II. Korea was divided even though they were occupied and not aggressors in World War II. The Korean War is not over and there is a clock that is still ticking at the DMZ.