Two Honored as TIES Exceptional Teachers

December 14, 2015
chapman and kopp
Erin Chapman and Chris Kopp recognized as Exceptional Teachers at the annual TIES conference.

Congratulations to Erin Chapman and Chris Kopp, recognized by TIES for their passion for using technology to support learning.

Erin Chapman, fourth grade teacher at Rice Lake Elementary School, is a lifelong learner and is passionate about passing it on to her students. Chapman focuses not just on having the devices and technologies, but on what she wants students to learn, and determines what technology can best be used to support the learning.

Chris Kopp, eighth grade teacher at Centennial Middle School, has worked in collaboration with the eighth grade math department at Centennial Middle School and with the Centennial High School math department to look at ways to embed technology into the delivery of instruction. Kopp and his peers developed a technology-based learning environment which provides some of the best aspects of the flipped classroom, while also supporting families differently at home through access to tools such as Khan Academy.