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In-District Transfer Application

Complete the Optional Transfer Form if you are interested in transferring your student to another elementary school at Centennial. 

Please note: The in-district transfer application is for the current school year.

  • Transportation is the responsibility of the parents/guardians if the school transfer is approved.
  • Placement is based on space available.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Department of Teaching and Learning and discussed with the principal.
  • Among considerations are current class sizes at the requested school, sibling preference, and availability of services.

Note: March 1 is the deadline for optional transfers for the following school year. Reminder, you must be a currently enrolled student (grades 1-11) in order to transfer for the next school year.

Please contact the school office you are interested in attending if you have further questions. 

Optional Transfer Form


This form must be submitted by March 1.
Obtain and read School District Policy #536 on School Attendance Areas and Optional Student Transfers.
Note: Parents/Guardians must assume responsibility of transporting transferred child.
Home Address
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format