Equity at Centennial

Equity: Ensuring Opportunities for All

Centennial does not tolerate racism and social injustice.

We know we can do better. Our diversity and inclusion work began with an identified goal in the 2016 strategic plan. The District’s work focuses on closing the academic achievement gap, putting systems, policies and procedures in place to help ensure we are leveling the “learning field” for all students, and putting access and equity at the core of Centennial staff professional development.

Below find the District’s mission, vision, and belief statements as well as the work completed and next steps to ensure Centennial is supporting ALL students and staff.


The mission of the Centennial School District, the connecting hub for our communities, is to empower all learners with voice, knowledge, and skills necessary for success in the 21st Century.


We will accomplish our mission by

  • CONNECTING. We offer vibrant learning environments by growing personal relationships throughout the school community, deepening learning by contributing to the community, and making coursework relevant to students’ lives.
  • ACHIEVING. We support the strengths and address the challenges of each individual student, working to eliminate barriers to learning and opportunity, by providing rigorous content, innovative and evidence-based instruction, and effective learning supports.
  • PREPARING. We foster perseverance, growth mindset, and personal advocacy, preparing students for success in a future of limitless possibility.


  • We believe that all voices have value.
  • We believe that mutual relationships build safe and engaging communities.
  • We believe that each person has agency and power.
  • We believe that opportunities to learn, lead, and collaborate unleash potential.
  • We believe that life demands critical thinking and problem solving.
  • We believe that challenge is foundational to growth.
  • We believe that personalizing learning creates engagement and ownership.
  • We believe that reflection on data creates a drive for improvement.


Centennial School District is committed to equity and access for all:

  • We will raise the achievement of all students while eliminating the predictability of academic achievement based upon class, race, gender, or disability.
  • We will implement culturally responsive teaching and leadership practices that reflect the contributions and perspectives of all people.
  • We will identify and address barriers that perpetuate opportunity and achievement gaps.
  • We will foster inclusive relationships across all Centennial communities.

See Centennial's 2020-20201 Equity Action Plan below as well as information on the work underway in the district. We will continue to grow, together, as we work to create a safe and inviting, learning and working environment for everyone.

Support Systems are in Place

Systems are in place to support students. The District has created practices that address all learners.

Policies and Procedures to Support All Students

Policies and procedures set by the School Board and by Centennial Schools support students.

Curriculum and Instruction

Learn more about equity plans for curriculum and instruction.

2016 Strategic Plan

Goal 2 of the 2016 Strategic Plan addresses accessibility, equity, race, and inclusion.