2016 Strategic Plan

In November 2016, the Centennial School District engaged in a Strategic Planning process with the goal of setting a course for success in the future. For the first time in our district’s history, we facilitated a planning process that was inclusive of community members and district employees. More than 50 individuals collaborated on the plan and arrived at eight tangible goals designed to reshape the district and move us into the future. Goal 2 of the plan, “Analyze causes of the achievement gap and provide accessibility at all levels and for all stakeholders” began the discussion and work both completed and underway to address accessibility, race, and inclusion.

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We know educational opportunities impact student learning:

Addressing Achievement Gaps
A task force collected information on mainstreaming students with disabilities, grouping students according to abilities and tracked to monitor success and acceleration opportunities.

  • School representatives visited selected metro schools to learn how the sites were closing the achievement gap.
  • The District works to close gaps through literacy, screening for dyslexia to ensure students are supported, and addressing mental health.
  • Access and equity are at the core of professional development for staff.
  • Participate in Beyond Diversity Training, a two-day training designed to help participants understand the impact of racism on student learning.
  • Participate in Courageous Principal Leadership Training at Minnesota State University, Mankato, a two-year, 100+ hour, cohort that focuses on growing the effectiveness of leaders in navigating topics which include equity, achievement and political leadership.
  • Recipient of a “Grow Your Own Grant,” designed to encourage secondary school students to pursue teaching as a career, with a particular emphasis on recruiting student candidates of color and American Indian students. Participating students will be enrolled in an entry level college course(s), preparing them to be future educators.