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2020-2021 Equity Action Plan


As an extension of the access and equity efforts the School District has undertaken for the past several years, we are committed to addressing racism and social injustice in our schools through actionable steps. These actions build upon the tenets of our Equity Commitment and Beliefs:

Equity Commitment

  • We will raise the achievement of all students while eliminating the predictability of academic achievement based upon class, race, gender, or disability.
  • We will implement culturally responsive teaching and leadership practices that reflect the contributions and perspectives of all people.
  • We will identify and address barriers that perpetuate opportunity and achievement gaps.
  • We will foster inclusive relationships across all Centennial communities.


  • We believe that all voices have value.
  • We believe that mutual relationships build safe and engaging communities.
  • We believe that each person has agency and power.
  • We believe that opportunities to learn, lead, and collaborate unleash potential.
  • We believe that life demands critical thinking and problem solving.
  • We believe that challenge is foundational to growth.
  • We believe that personalizing learning creates engagement and ownership.
  • We believe that reflection on data creates a drive for improvement.

This Equity Action Plan consists of short- and long-term goals and accepts that this work is ongoing and never finished.  This plan and subsequent progress in addressing the goals of this plan will be regularly communicated to the community and made available on the District website.

Community Outreach and Involvement
The District will actively pursue opportunities to get into our communities of color and other minoritized groups and to engage them further into the school community. As part of this effort, the district will expand efforts to translate important documents into the primary languages spoken in the homes of our students. [This is also a CARES goal.]

Students for Change
The middle and high school administration will meet regularly with a minoritized student group to solicit input and feedback regarding student and staff behaviors, disciplinary responses, visible and invisible inequities, and efforts to address identified inequities. [This is also a CARES goal.]

Parents (Equity Committee)
The district will form an equity committee of minoritized parent and allies to solicit input and feedback regarding inequities and efforts to addressed identified inequities.  This group will meet regularly to discuss data, share stories, and monitor equity progress in the District.  [This is also a CARES goal.]

Support for Students Beyond the School
Centennial staff and student leaders have begun and will continue to provide support to minoritzed parents and students in the community.  This support includes such things as non-school-hour tutoring, technology training, and enrichment activities offered at locations that make these opportunities convenient for these families.

The District’s Community Education Department offers a wide variety of programming, including Summer Fun, Teen Force, and Family Nights.  They also provide homework help and English Language Learning (ELL) classes in the community and educational opportunities addressing such topics as ethnic and cultural diversity and racism. Through grant funding, Early Childhood Family Education staff provide outreach and support to preschool aged children who otherwise may not schedule and attend early childhood screenings.

Financial Support for Qualifying Families:  In addition to the Federal Free or Reduced-Price Lunch program for qualifying students, the district works with private donators and county/state programs to help families with financial hardship. 

Policy Review
As part of their annual review of School District Policies, District Administration will a review of policies that for evidence of inequities. 

Equity Commitment and Beliefs
The District will hold its equity commitment and related beliefs at the center of decisions that impact students and families.  This commitment, related resources, and this equity plan will be posted on the district website.

All students deserve to see positive representations of themselves and others in what they read, see, and hear.  (This work is ongoing.)

  • Multicultural authors and text will be included in all middle and high school language arts classes
    • Students will gain an increased understanding of cultural differences and their own frames of reference (implicit bias)
    • Social studies teachers will begin an assessment of possible bias, and under- representation of diversity in student text.
    • The Department of Teaching and Learning will assess elementary literary text to increase the representation of student diversity.
    • Additional books celebrating race, ethnicity and diversity will be purchased for each school library.
    • A multicultural lens will be put on all curricular reviews and instructional material purchases
      • The District Equity Coordinator (once hired) will be a part of all curriculum review efforts. As appropriate, equity consultants will be used to assist in the evaluation, updating and diversification the curriculum.
      • Curriculum will reflect the diversity of our school community
        • Authors, speakers, leaders of diverse cultures will be included in the repertoire

Professional Development

  • Training specific to culturally responsive teaching practices will be ongoing and related practices will be used by all staff. This training will include, but not limited to topics of community interaction, racial/ethnic diversity and equity, implicit bias, power of voice, microaggressions, and privilege. [This is also a CARES goal.]
    • The Department of Teaching and Learning along with the District Equity Coordinator (once hired) and School Administrators will develop tools to measure the impact of training on students.  Adjustments will be made as indicated by these assessments.
    • The Activities Director will conduct annual training for all personnel working with youth, including training specific to equity and anti-racism.

Diversity Calendar
Schools will celebrate diversity through messaging, programming, presentations, and visual displays.

  • Schools will recognize and celebrate ethnic/racial/cultural diversity (e.g. Black History Month, Indigenous People’s Day, Global Diversity Awareness Month, etc.)
  • Assemblies will feature topics such as inequity, racism, social injustice

Visual Statements

  • Visual recognition of minority leaders, voices for change, and messages of acceptance will be prominently displayed in each school
  • Respect and appreciation of human differences will be emphasized and celebrated

Student Advocacy
All students deserve equal treatment and respect.

  • The district will advocate and actively support the rights of all students to feel safe and welcomed in all aspects of their schooling experience
  • The consequences for bullying or harassing behavior will be clearly communicated, including those behaviors related to race, gender, or ethnicity.  (Centennial School District Policy #413)
  • Staff will courageously and without hesitation confront incidences of bullying, harassment (e.g. taunting, slurs, gestures, innuendos). Such behaviors will be documented by staff.  [This is also a CARES goal.]
  • Staff will strongly encourage students to confront and report derogatory and disrespecting behaviors
  • Victims of racial harassment will know that their reports are being taken seriously, including follow-ups after an incident

Documentation of Racial/Bullying Incidents

  • District Staff will annually review Centennial District Policy #514: Bullying Prohibition Policy and be reminded of their responsibilities to respond to and document any all incidences of bullying as described in this policy, including, but not limited to racial slurs and microaggressions. [This is also a CARES goal.]

Grow Your Own (Pathway Grant)
Centennial, along with our seven Minnesota Education Partnership (MEP) school districts and our partner university, Minnesota State University Mankato (MSUM) School of Education, was awarded a Grow Your Own (GYO) Path Two grant for the 2020-21 school year.  The intent of this program is to allow selected school districts to encourage secondary school students to pursue teaching as a career, with a particular emphasis on recruiting student candidates of color and American Indian students to participate in the GYO new teacher programs.  Students participating in this program will work with a team of secondary and college level faculty to complete education courses through MSUM.

*CARES (Community Advocates for Racial Equity in our Schools) is a grassroots group of parents and community members from ISD 12 whose mission includes addressing equity concerns and issues in Centennial schools and the community.