Message to Families June 29, 2020


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Centennial Families and Staff,

The events that occurred after the death of George Floyd throughout our state, the country, and the world has spurred an opportunity for change. The past month has caused us to pause and reflect about ourselves, our schools, and our communities. We want our entire District to know that we hear you and we recognize we can do better. Centennial does not tolerate racism and social injustice and we will use the work we have done and the work yet to come on making Centennial the best it can be for all students.

Our diversity and inclusion work began with an identified goal in the 2016 strategic plan. The District’s work focuses on closing the academic achievement gap, putting systems, policies and procedures in place to help ensure we are leveling the “learning field” for all students, and putting access and equity at the core of Centennial staff professional development.

As superintendent and the school board, we want to be leaders for change in our district. We want to ensure we are supporting all students and staff. We also stand behind our tagline of “Connecting. Achieving. Preparing.” Our mission statement and beliefs outline our commitment to equity for all in our schools while preparing students for success and to be positive contributors to society.

Our commitment to equity

Centennial School District is committed to equity and access for all:

  • We will raise the achievement of all students while eliminating the predictability of academic achievement based upon class, race, gender, or disability.
  • We will implement culturally responsive teaching and leadership practices that reflect the contributions and perspectives of all people.
  • We will identify and address barriers that perpetuate opportunity and achievement gaps.
  • We will foster inclusive relationships across all Centennial communities.


What’s next to advance equity for all?

  • Equity Alliance will conduct an equity audit to deepen our understanding of bias. The results will determine the District’s next steps to help ensure we are supporting all students and staff. The audit will help drive further change.
  • An advisory committee will be formed to help guide the District on its equity work.

Our work plan

Visit for detailed information on Centennial’s work around equity. We will grow, together, as we continue work to create a safe and inviting, learning and working environment for everyone.

Together, We are Centennial.

Superintendent and the Centennial School Board