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Skyward is the District's system for Human Resouces, Finance, and Payroll. Skyward maintains employee personal and payroll information.

Employee Access to Payroll Information
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Employee Information

Personal Information:
This information includes demographic and personnel information on file with the District

This calendar will provide HR and Payroll key dates (i.e. pay day)

Accounts Payable Information:
If you have submitted receipts for reimbursement, process reimbursements will be displayed including the date the reimbursement was paid, the amount, and a brief description of the reimbursement.

Online Forms:
There are no online forms at this time.


Check History:
The first paycheck shown will be the January 13, 2017 paycheck. All paychecks from July 15, 2016 – December 31, 2016 will be available once the full detail conversion is completed in the spring. If prior pay stubs are needed before then, please contact the payroll department.

To view a paycheck, click on Check History. Select the check you wish to view and click the Show Check Button. You can then view your check and print using the Print button.

Check Estimator:
This is a tool which allows you to estimate your paychecks should you change your federal or state withholdings. This feature is only an estimate and to actually change your withholdings you need to fill out and sign a new W4 and submit to Payroll.

Calendar Year to Date:
This shows your earnings for the calendar year to date (January 1 – December 31).

Fiscal Year to Date:
This shows your earnings for the fiscal year to date (July 1 – June 30).

Direct Deposit Information:
This shows the account(s) to which your paycheck is deposited. To change the account or add a new account, you must fill out and sign a new direct deposit form and submit to Payroll.

W2 Information:
This shows your tax information for the current year. W2’s for 2016 will not be available in skyward employee access.

W4 Information:
This shows the number of federal and state withholdings for your paychecks. To change your withholdings you must fill out and sign a new W4 and submit to Payroll