Early Childhood Screening

A copy of your child's early childhood screening is required by law before your child can enter kindergarten. The screening is a check of a child's hearing and vision, weight, height, healthy history, immunizations, speech and language, general development and motor skills.

Screenings are free and offered once during a child's preschool years. Centennial offers screenings throught they year at St. Mark Lutheran Church, 1 North Road, Circle Pines. Centennial typically screens children before they turn four years old. If your child has not been screened, email ecscreening@isd12.org, or leave a message at 763.792.5719. For more information, see www.isd12.org/schools/early-childhood/early-childhood-screening.

If you chose to have your child's screening completed elsewhere, please have the provider complete this form and submit with your registration materials: