District Health Nurse

Michelle Noha

Her responsibilities include supervising the entire district of 5 Elementary Sites, 1 Middle School Site, 1 High School Site, Early Childhood Special Education and Family Education, also co-coordinating the Early Childhood Screening Program. The other sites that are in our district include the ALC, the Pines and the Journey Program for 18-21 year Students with Special Needs.

The School Nurse position is required by law and the requirements include the following; graduate of a 4 year nursing program, public health nurse certification, registered nurse in the state of Minnesota, and lastly an LSN by the Board of Teaching. 

It is our philosophy in Health Services district wide to promote the phrase-‘Nobody cares what you know unless they know how much you care’.  Please feel free to call my office if you need any assistance with your child’s health needs so that their educational experience can be the best possible from early childhood through age 18-21 years.

We are here to explore resources, problem solve, make safety plans, emergency plans, individual health plans, and provide trainings on specific health issues as needed… for all major and minor life/health disruptions. Health Services collaborates and works closely with all members of the Support Service Team at the High School and all other sites to explore wellness opportunities and interventions as needed for your child to safely attend school. 

Please contact me in one of the following ways:



Visit our Health Service Link to contact your building nurse and to get specific information from the county, state and national health related web sites that we use as resources to provide ‘best practice’.