children getting on bus

Bus safety & policies

Stop when red lights are flashing

Minnesota law requires all vehicles, meeting or overtaking a stopped school bus to receive or discharge children and has an extended stop arm and flashing red signals, to stop no less than 20 feet from the bus when the bus is stopped. Failure to stop is a misdemeanor.

  • Flashing amber lights are a pre-warning that the bus is preparing to stop.
  • Flashing red lights and extended stop arm means that the bus is stopped to either load or unload school children. Remain stopped until the driver retracts the stop arm and extinguishes the flashing red signals.

Transportation reimbursement available

Centennial, in compliance with Minnesota law, will reimburse to district residents the cost of non-public school transportation to the district boundary. Reimbursement forms are provided directly to the non-public schools on or about April 30.

Contact your non-public school for these forms after May 1. For information contact your non-public school or the transportation office at 612-789-5143. Claims submitted subsequent to June 30 of this school year will not be eligible for reimbursement.