Common transportation questions

Q. The bus goes right by our house. Why can't it stop?
A. Buses pick up students at collection points (stops), it is not door-to-door service. Fewer stops result in less time and gas, and less interruption to other motorists.
Q. My children are walkers. The bus goes right by them and has space available. Why can't they be picked up?
A. Bus routes are planned taking into consideration all eligible students who may ride the bus. On a given day some students may be ill, walk to school, or, in the case of high school students, may drive to school. Unscheduled stops for walkers would present danger to motorists and other walkers.
Q. I pay taxes like everyone else. Why can't my kids ride the bus?
A. The school board has a policy that determines which students walk and which may ride. The State requires transportation only for students living beyond two miles from school.
Q. The bus stop is too far from our house. Can it be moved closer?
A. The guideline is that no student should walk more than 1/2 mile to a stop. This is the same distance kindergartners walk to school. Stops are usually within the 1/2 mile guideline. If the stop is more than 1/2 mile from your home, call 612-789-5143.
Q. How do I request a bus stop change?
A. Contact the Transportation Office at 612-789-5143. Change requests will be considered when student safety and efficiency will be improved by the change.
Q. Can extra stops be made on cold days?
A. Schedules and routes are the same for all school days. If  stops were added on cold days, students at the end of the route would be jeopardized by being outside longer.
Q. Do kindergarten students receive special busing treatment?
A. Yes. Kindergartners walk up to 1/2 mile to school. Morning kindergarten students are picked up at the same bus stops as grades 1–5 and dropped off close to home. Afternoon kindergartners are picked up within a block of home and dropped off at the same stops as grades 1–5.
Q. Can I receive delay notices regarding my child's bus by text?
A. Yes, Test "Y" or "YES" to 67587 to receive bus delay updates. Terms and conditions: Message frequency varies. Standard message and data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help. Text STOP to cancel.