Forms A-Z

Allergy Action Plan

Contact your student's building nurse to discuss a plan.

Anaphylaxis Action Plan

For those requiring emergency EPINEPHRINE treatment. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death. Contact your student's building nurse to discuss a plan.

Census Form

For residents of the Centennial School District:

The purpose of requesting this census information is to serve as a valuable tool for future planning in the areas of transportation, staffing, and facility requirements in the school district. It is important to make these projections as accurate as possible in order to use your tax dollars in the most effective manner. Please take a few minutes to complete this form. Be assured that your privacy will be protected when submitting this form.

CMS Student Council Food Drive (pdf, 380 KB)

The CMS Student Council is having a Food Drive for the Centennial PowerPack program from January 18th through 26th. We are collecting individual sized meals, snacks, breakfast items, and fruit that are individually labeled with ingredients. We are also accepting money donations. See the attached flyer for specific suggestions on items to donate!

Community Education Fee Assistance Application (pdf, 132 KB)

Does your family qualify for free/reduced lunch through the district?  If so, your family is eligible to receive one $25 discount per family member per activity guide. Submit to Community Education your acceptance letter from Nutrition Services indicating you qualify for either free or reduced lunch or fill out a Community Education Fee Assistance application and submit to  Contact 763-792-6100 with any questions.  If you have trouble viewing information please call 763-792-6193, information can be mailed.

Connection Collection (pdf, 831 KB)

A resource for seasoned Centennial residents.

If you have trouble viewing information please call 763-792-6100, information can be mailed. 

Conscientious Immunization Exemption

If you choose not to have your student immunized, this form must be completed in order for your student to attend school (see page 2 of the instructions).

Diabetes Management Plan for School

Contact your student's building nurse to discuss a plan.