Forms A-Z

Community Education Fee Assistance Application (pdf, 132 KB)

Does your family qualify for free/reduced lunch through the district?  If so, your family is eligible to receive one $25 discount per family member per activity guide. Submit to Community Education your acceptance letter from Nutrition Services indicating you qualify for either free or reduced lunch or fill out the enclosed application and submit to  Contact 763-792-6100 with any questions.

Continuum of Special Education Services at Centennial (pdf, 414 KB)

Learn more about the special education programs available from birth to age 21.

December Newsletter (pdf, 3 MB)

Centennial Alternative Programs Newsletter
Volume 3, Issue 3 December 2015

Directions to Centennial Schools (pdf, 642 KB)

Download a map and directions to Centennial Schools.

Elementary School Handbook (pdf, 1004 KB)

The Elementary School Handbook is updated each year and approved by the Centennial School Board before being published.

2017-2018 elementary handbook