Forms A-Z

Preschool Options through Centennial School District (pdf, 167 KB)

Learn more about School Readiness Preschool and KC Preschool options through the Centennial School District!

Release of Information (pdf, 83 KB)

This form is used by parents requesting information to be released to or from Centennial ISD 12.

Release of Student Information - non resident (pdf, 124 KB)

Release of Student Information - non resident

School Readiness Preschool Registration 2019-20

Registration for 2019-20 opens January 15, 2019! Click here for more information, or call our office at 763-792-6120. 

Seizure Action Plan (pdf, 261 KB)

Parent questionnaire

Does your child experience seizures?
What should be done if one occurs during school?
What special considerations need to be made?