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General Questions about Centennial’s School Nutrition Program

Question: How much taxpayer money is used to operate the school nutrition program?
Answer: Centennial School District’s Nutrition Services (CNS) is a self-sustaining operation.No funds from the district’s General Fund are used in the operation of School Nutrition Services(SNS). SNS receives money from the federal and state government through the National School Lunch Program.

Question: What is the system used to collect money in the school nutrition department?
Answer: Centennial School District’s Nutrition Services uses a pre-paid computerized system that allows the district to provide better service to both students and parents. Each student is assigned a personal identification number (PIN) at their school or when enrolled in the district. Students keep the same PIN number at each school they attend. When a student moves to a new building, a new PIN will be assigned to them. For instance, while a student at Rice Lake, a PIN would remain the same for grades K-5. When the fifth grader enters middle school as a sixth grader, he/she will be assigned a new PIN. At mealtimes, students enter their PIN on a keypad, state their name, and the amount of their meal is debited from their balance.

Question: How can I make deposits to my child’s account?
Answer: Prepaying for breakfast, lunch and ala carte items is the most efficient way to pay for your child’s purchases. Preferred payment method is by using This is a secure, online site for payments to student accounts using a credit card. This fast and friendly site allows you to view your child’s meal transactions, receive an e-mail alerting you of a low balance, or make a payment without cost. Sign up by using the child’s birth date. If paying by check, please write the student’s full name in the memo section along with their PIN and send with your child to school. This allows for the correct deposit to be made to the correct account. Deposits need to be made by 9:30 a.m. to be available for lunch that day. No deposits are allowed in the cafeteria as this slows the service line and increases the risk of payments being lost or misplace.

Question: What happens to a child’s money at the end of the school year?
Answer: If a child has money left in his/her account at the end of the school year that money will be available on the first day of school the following year. All balances, whether credit or debit, follow the student from year to year.