Nutrition Information for Lunch Items

Nutrition Information for Lunch Items Served at Centennial Schools

Beef Franks (pdf, 52 KB)
Beef Steak Patty (pdf, 369 KB)
Breakfast Rounds - Cinnamon (pdf, 360 KB)
Buffalo Hot Chicken (pdf, 157 KB)
Buffalo Hot Ling's (pdf, 2 MB)
Cheese Curds (pdf, 142 KB)
Cheese Curds - Garlic (pdf, 142 KB)
Cheese Curds - Ranch (pdf, 144 KB)
Cheese Lasagna Roll-Up (pdf, 93 KB)
Cheese & Poblano Chile Grab Wraps (pdf, 148 KB)
Chicken Breast Dipper with Teriyaki (pdf, 2 MB)
Chicken Corn Dogs (pdf, 970 KB)
Chicken Strips (pdf, 105 KB)
Chik'N Fry Stix (pdf, 346 KB)
Chik'N Giggles (pdf, 342 KB)
Chik'N Pretzel (pdf, 351 KB)
Chik'N Stars Breast Nuggets (pdf, 350 KB)
Christmas Tree-Shaped Breast Nuggets (pdf, 340 KB)
Cinnamon Bun Graham Snacks (pdf, 276 KB)
Flamebroiled Chicken Breast Dipper with Teriyaki (pdf, 2 MB)
Funnel Cake (pdf, 2 MB)
Grilled Cheese on Whole Grain Bread (pdf, 317 KB)
Golden Crispy Chicken Filet (pdf, 94 KB)
Golden Crispy Tenderloin (pdf, 80 KB)
Halloween-Shaped Breast Nuggets (pdf, 347 KB)
Hawaiian Pizza (pdf, 172 KB)
Hawaiian Pizza with Turkey Ham (pdf, 148 KB)
Heart-Shaped Nuggets (pdf, 911 KB)
Hot 'N Spicy Whole Grain Patties (pdf, 287 KB)
Jennie-O Turkey (pdf, 289 KB)
Jumbo Cheese Ravioli (pdf, 688 KB)
Ling's BBQ Teriyaki (pdf, 2 MB)
Little Cinnamon John Donuts (pdf, 491 KB)
Macaroni and Cheese (pdf, 94 KB)
Mandarin Orange Chicken (pdf, 2 MB)
Meatloaf with Cheese (pdf, 222 KB)
Mini Chicken Corn Dog (pdf, 970 KB)
Mini Pancakes (pdf, 202 KB)
Mozzarella Cheese-Filled Pizza Stick (pdf, 1 MB)
Multi-Cheese Garlic Pizza (pdf, 46 KB)
Omelet (pdf, 2 MB)
Ore Ida Hashbrown Triangle Patties (pdf, 93 KB)
Pizza Quesadilla (pdf, 1 MB)
Popcorn Chicken Smackers (pdf, 352 KB)
Sage Turkey Sausage Patties (pdf, 309 KB)
Shamrock-Shaped Nuggets (pdf, 910 KB)
Shrimp Poppers (pdf, 78 KB)
Sliced Turkey Ham (pdf, 129 KB)
Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza (pdf, 431 KB)
Stuffed Crust Turkey Pepperoni Pizza (pdf, 132 KB)
Sweet Chili Thai Chicken (pdf, 774 KB)
Sweet Potato Mini Tater Puffs (pdf, 666 KB)
Turkey and Gravy (pdf, 329 KB)
Turkey Meatballs (pdf, 81 KB)
Turkey Sausage Link (pdf, 364 KB)
Turkey Taco Filling (pdf, 135 KB)
Uncrustables Sandwiches (pdf, 629 KB)
Uncrustables Sandwiches 5.3 oz. (pdf, 301 KB)
Uncrustables Sandwiches on Whole Wheat - 5.3 oz. (pdf, 424 KB)
Whole Grain Breaded Pork Steak (pdf, 182 KB)
Whole Grain Meat Calzone (pdf, 546 KB)
Whole Grain Three Cheese Calzone (pdf, 543 KB)
Wild Mike's Cheese Bites (pdf, 172 KB)