Flexible E-Learning Days

Centennial's Flexible E-Learning Day Plan for School Closings
What is a Flexible E-Learning Day?

"E-learning day" means a school day where a school offers full access to online instruction provided by students' individual teachers due to inclement weather. A school district that chooses to have e-learning days may have up to five e-learning days in one school year.

Why Flexible E-Learning Days?
Flexible Learning Days are intended to counter the loss of curriculum momentum resulting from school cancellations due to Minnesota’s winter weather. Flexible Learning Days cannot replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers but it can provide better continuity when school is interrupted. Flexible Learning Days also negate the need for makeup school days, helping families more effectively plan activities.

Parents/Guardians will receive an automated phone call and/or text via the School Messenger service based on information provided by each family indicating school will be closed. Announcements will be made on Twin Cities television stations, and the school district web page, www.isd12.org, as early as possible that school will be closed. Students should not report to school, but should engage in flexible learning activities as assigned.

Staff Availability
Centennial ISD 12 teachers, administrators, and other licensed professionals will be available by email or Schoology or Seesaw, during regular school hours, depending on the grade level. The staff directory on the district website includes staff email addresses.

Contact your student’s principal.

What does the day look like for my student?


Check your Seesaw account for information for the day.

  • GRADES K - 5


Students without Technology: 

Teachers will reach out to the family at some point during the day and will work alongside families to develop a learning plan. Students will access the paper matrix previously provided.

Students with Technology:

Morning Meeting via Google Meet: Students have the option to begin the day with a morning meeting check-in with their teacher via Google Meet, and the day’s plan will be discussed. Teachers will post the meeting information in Schoology or Seesaw, depending on the grade level, on the morning of a school closing.

Activities/assignments discussed in the morning meeting will be posted on Schoology or Seesaw depending on the grade level. Attendance will be taken during the live Google Meet and will be based on participation in activities. If your student does not have access to technology, the teacher will contact you to develop a learning plan.

Expectations for the day:

Morning Meeting:

  • Live Google Meet - Teacher will check in with the students and outline the plan for the day. The plan will include 1 Language Arts activity and 1 Math activity. The activities can be “weather-related” and not necessarily following weekly scope and sequencing.                                                 

Language Arts & Math Activities:

  • Discuss expectations/directions in the Google Morning Meeting.

  • Activities will be placed on Schoology or Seesaw depending on the grade level. 

Communication: Staff is accessible by email during school hours

  • GRADES 6 - 12

Students in grades 6-12 will have asynchronous learning on E-Learning days for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Assignments and/or activities will be posted in Schoology for students by 8:00am of the E-Learning day.
  • Teachers will be available via email and phone to support students and will be able to schedule Google Meet with students based on students’ requests during school hours.
  • The due dates for E-Learning day assignments will also be flexible.