2016 Water Test Results

The District tested all of its water supplies for lead in 2016. 

Water Testing Results

  • Out of 149 drinking fountains, two fountains tested above the EPA standard of 20 parts per billion (one located at Centennial Elementary and one at the Centennial High School West Building). 
  • One was nearing the threshold (one fountain at Centennial High School East Building).

District Actions

  • All three fountains were replaced in December 2016.
  • These three fountains were retested for lead levels after new fountains were installed.
  • The test results indicate the issue has been resolved. 

Minnesota Department of Health Recommendations

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) provides rigorous guidelines for addressing lead in water. Testing is the first step, and if lead levels exceed 20 parts per billion, a flushing protocol is then put in place to reduce the amount of lead in water. 

Centennial Schools will randomly test fountains annually for continued monitoring, and test all drinking fountains every five years as recommended by MDH.


Call 763.792.6000, or consult the Minnesota Department of Health website for more information.