Use FeePay™ to Register and Pay for Student Activities

July 21, 2014

You now have one place, with one login, to register and pay fees for Centennial High School activities and athletics, interscholastic athletics and Cougar Club at Centennial Middle School using the mobile-friendly FeePay™ system

FeePay™ is:

  • A simple and secure way to pay with credit card or electronic transfer from your bank account
  • Has the highest industry-standard security ensuring data privacy and safe transactions
  • Convenient—no more having to send cash or checks to school or take time out of your workday to come to school to register for activities or athletics.

Safe and secure

FeePayTM is PCI-compliant – the highest industry standard for data and transaction security – ensuring your transaction and financial data stay safe and secure.

Paying and registering online is easy

Step 1: Click on the link to FeePayTM.

Step 2: Set up your FeePayTM account.

Step 3: Choose your activities or other items, completing and signing electronically any required forms.

Step 4: Go to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. You will receive an immediate confirmation by e-mail that your payment has been received. You can also print out a receipt. 

Additional FeePayTM Directions

Send an email to