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Child Development

The following links have parenting information, resources, and activities to help your child grow, develop, and learn.
Developmental expectations and ideas for activities:
        What's it like to be 3 years old?
        What's it like to be 4 years old?
        What's it like to be 5 years old?

Kindergarten readiness:
        Starting School Ready to Succeed - Skills kindergarten teachers are looking for when children start kindergarten - Take a 5-minute quiz to see if your child is reaching the developmental milestones that lead to school readiness

Read about ways you can help build school readiness skills in your child:
       Social and emotional skills
       Self-care skills
       Large motor skills
       Small motor skills
       Math skills
       Reading skills
       Writing skills
       Listening and speaking skills

Language/literacy development

       Typical Language Development
        Vocabulary Development


   Games for Learning